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I am an an enthusiastic Art lover who having previously painted as an enjoyable hobby is now seeking to develop my skills on a more professional basis. Having recently retired I am now able to do so.

About me

I have a passion for seeking to create beautiful artwork.

Of late I have exhibited in Art Fairs across the South of England selling my paintings and I can also offer custom painting services to make your dream artwork come to life!

At a young age I developed a love for painting and drawing having been inspired to paint by my Father. Although a Carpenter by trade he was an accomplished Artist, selling his paintings and undertaking commissions on a part time basis.
Encouraged and guided by him I developed a love of painting and drawing and have been exploring the craft ever since.

Artistic background

In the course of my development as a young Artist and at the age of 11 years I won a prestigious Under 18 Art Competition run by the London Borough Council where I lived, with an oil study of Irises in a Vase. It was then that I realised painting was in my blood.

At senior school I studied A level Art with the intention of going to Art College but circumstances led me instead to study and practice Law, enjoying Art as a pastime.

I now reside in a village called Cuffley in Hertfordshire. However when I retired my wife and I established a holiday home in Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset overlooking the sea. We had over the years spent numerous holidays there, considering it to be our spiritual home. Thus I can now paint at my leisure in the beautiful surroundings of both Hertfordshire and Dorset.

I have shown here an acrylic painting of mine showing Pevril Point in Swanage which is one of my favourite local scenes.

What I do
Whether you’re looking for a traditional painting or a more contemporary piece, I will seek to bring your vision to life.

In my Art I endeavour to explore the human experience through paintings that delve into the spiritual awareness of my surroundings and how the cycles of life relate to them.
This especially applies to what is perhaps ny favourite subject, namely the Landscape.

I sometimes paint Still Life, Flowers , Fauna and Animals. I even occasionally draw and paint properties.

My style of painting can perhaps best be described as modernistic realism,
However I always seek to imbibe in the work my own heart and soul.

Whilst I very occasionally delve into the land of portraiture I profess to being a rare visitor. It is something that whilst enjoyable in its own right, does not give me quite the same enjoyment and fulfilment as do other subjects. Nevertheless I do, from time to time, ‘dip my toe’ into the subject.

Of late I have experimented with somewhat contemporary and what I would describe as a more loose, slightly abstract form of Art. In particular I have been investigating the impact of light upon large expanses of land and sea and the myriad effects that are created.

I recently visited the Tate Britain Gallery in London where they hold the largest display of paintings by one of my favourite Artists namely JMW Turner. His unique brushwork and use of colour highlights his skies and landscapes, something that I would dearly like to emulate in my own style.

This is and probably will always be my favourite subject whether using watercolour, acrylics or some other media. I love to create depth and distance by using the properties of air and natural light. One can seek to create so many emotions in the artwork. Perhaps this might be the tranquillity of rivers and lakes, the anger of stormy seas, the grandeur of rugged mountains and the magic of sunlight streaming through the foliage of trees in a forest.

Although I enjoy painting in my studio, there is nothing better than painting outdoors on location. Being at one with the Landscape is immensely satisfying.

My first significant painting was of course when I was a young child at Primary school, namely an oil painting of a vase of Irises. Since then I have regularly painted flowers and fauna but also other subjects such as food, bottles of wine, stone, containers, sea shells and of course animals, although the latter do not always remain ‘still’.

The term ‘Still Life’ comes from the Dutch word ‘Stilleven’, which dates back to the early 17th Century. It especially represents an interest in science and the natural world and can be quite symbolic. For example Flowers can each have their own meaning. The Rose represents Love, the Lily- Purity, the Sunflower- Devotion. All in all a fascinating subject and very enjoyable to paint!

I regularly display some of my ARTwork at various exhibitions and art fairS.


The Purbeck Art Weeks Festival, usually held annually in about May of each year at Rollington Barn, Rollington Farm, Studland Road, Corfe Castle, Dorset BH20 5JG 

The Dorset Art and Crafts Showcase, Wareham, Dorset.

The East Hanningfield Annual Art Show, East Hanningfield, Essex.

and others.

It would be great to meet you at any of these venues.